Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Spam Scanning Solutions

As an alternative to GCom Internet's server based package, you may prefer to use your own personal and independent anti-spam solution.

One of the benefits of a personal solution is that it can be tailored specifically to suit your own requirements. With your own local solution, you can afford to be more liberal or more restrictive with respect to your handling of email items than we can. Because we need to satisfy the general user base, we need to follow the standard safe line provided by the default SpamAssassin rule set.

A few well-regarded personal anti-spam products currently available are...

Please note that we do not supply support for any of the above packages. All support requests need to be directed to the relevant company or organisation concerned.


If you decide to install and use Mail Washer or any other application which provides for bouncing of incoming spam, please be sure *NOT* to enable the email bouncing option. Because most spam is sent from a spoofed address, bouncing the email is totally pointless. Further, because the email address is spoofed, you will be bouncing the email to an innocent party. That leaves our mail servers open to a complaint of spamming.

Please do not attempt to bounce spam email items under any circumstances.