Frequently Asked Questions

Mailbox Full and near Full Warnings

A "mailbox full" error message is returned to a sender of email to your server when that email item would cause the final destination mailbox to exceed its configured disk space quota, or if the acceptance of the email would cause the total disk space allocated to your server to be exceeded.

Additionally, when it detects a problem, cPanel will send advanced "full or very close to full" warning messages to the domain administrator via the email address recorded in your cPanel contact information.

To correct the situation, you need to perform one or more of the following actions...

  • Clean up email account mailboxes by emptying old email items including sent and archived items.
  • If you have the spamassassin spam box enabled, check and empty all related spam items held on your server.
  • Ensure that the quota you have set for each of your individual email accounts is suitable for your requirements.
  • If you have redundant email accounts created with the same name as email forwarders, delete the email accounts entirely.
  • Use your local FTP client, or the File Manager built into your cPanel, to clean up any redundant files residing in the folders of your server.
  • In the unlikely event that the above steps have not freed up sufficient disk space, request an upgrade of your current hosting account.