Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting a Support Request

In accordance with our hosting policies, GCom Internet will accept support requests for hosting accounts only by email despatched from the recorded Administrative and Billing Contact (ABC) for the hosting account.

Our replies to any such requests received will be directed only to that same Administrative and Billing Contact.

For the security of our clients and our servers, there are no exceptions made with respect to the above policies

Where should I send my support request?

All support requests should be emailed to .

What happens if I email from an address other than the ABC?

If a support request is received from an email address other than the Administrative and Billing Contact of the relevant hosting account, the request will either go unanswered or will be returned to the sender with an explanation of the above policies.

What if my ABC email address is not working?

Before we can provide support related to any fault you may be encountering with respect to a hosted domain, we need to be sure that your local Internet connectivity is in place. If your off-server email account is not operational, you will need to initially rectify that problem with the support of your ISP or other relevant provider.

What if I no longer have access to my ABC email address?

If you have lost control of your Administrative and Billing Contact email address, please refer to the knowledge base article Administrative and Billing Contacts.

How do I find what my ABC email address is?

The Administrative and Billing Contact for your hosting account is the email address which appears on each of your monthly invoices and receipts. Unless you have changed it at some time, it is the same email address to which your original "Welcome Aboard" email was despatched.

What happens if I telephone your office with a support request?

If a support request is received by telephone, the caller will be advised that all support requests must be provided in accordance with the above policies.

What if one of my staff/friends/advisors requires support?

All support requests need to be channelled via the Administrative and Billing Contact. We require one single point of contact for each hosting account.

What if I authorise you to provide support to one of my staff/friends/advisors?

We will provide support only to the Administrative and Billing Contact. The dissemination of security and technical information within and beyond your organisation remains your responsibility at all times.