Australian Servers

Dedicated Multiprocessor Servers in a Premium Australian Data Centre.


GCom Internet has been building and operating Australian based servers since the late 1980's. Our Australian network comprises hosting, DNS, RADIUS and access servers which provide a range of connectivity services to every region of Australia and the world.

For true "big iron" server power, and the ability to literally pump out terabytes of data per month using premium Australian bandwidth, our multiprocessor hosting servers can't be beaten.

Whenever the primary consideration for your hosting is superfast access times for a predominantly Australian audience or user base, our Australian servers are the simple and safe answer.

Although the effective cost of bandwidth and data centre housing in Australia is many times greater than that of USA, GCom Internet's economy of scale and business partnerships allow us to provide hosting plans from within our Australian network at prices usually associated with slower USA based hosting - and we can do this without resorting to overselling of resources.

With typical local access times in the range of 5ms - 40ms, our Australian servers are in staggering contrast to the typical hosting services relying on remote USA based servers with 200ms - 300ms access times.

Our Australian servers are housed in the state-of-the-art Sydney Equinix SY3, Equinix SY5 and Amazon EC2 data centres, allowing us to provide huge data transfer allowances and disk space from a carrier-neutral facility with fibre connected to most major Australian carriers.


  • Great value hosting through the leveraging of economies of scale and local business relationships nurtured since the early 1980's
  • Fantastic "bangs per buck" with respect to both data and disk space allowances due to our massive network capacity and disk space
  • Data centres at the absolute peak of Australian network offerings
  • High speed network connections with fibre connected to most major Australian carriers
  • Simply superb access times for target audiences in and near Australia
  • Premium bandwidth utilising multiple peering arrangements to provide speedy and consistent connectivity
  • 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Centre) monitoring for optimum security and reliability
  • Total server power supply redundancy backed up by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units and diesel generators
  • Controlled server environments with constant temperature and advanced fire suppression technologies
  • Enterprise level switching and routing equipment installed at all relevant network layers

Hosting Plans

To see the specifications and pricing of our premium Australian bandwidth hosting packages, please visit our Hosting Plans page.