Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to Webmail

To log in to webmail, you require three items...

  1. Your webmail web address
  2. Your full email account address
  3. Your email account password

Your Webmail Web Address

If your domain has been correctly delegated to our DNS servers, and you have a standard hosting account where all your domain services are hosted by GCom Internet, then your webmail will be located at a URI of the format...

If your domain has been correctly delegated to our DNS servers, but you have a non-standard configuration where your "www" host is pointed to an external location, then you can access your webmail via a URI of the format...

Even if your domain is not currently delegated to our DNS servers, you can still access your webmail via a specially crafted URI on our own domain independent of your domain's delegation. This URI is constructed in part from your account user name. As an example, for a client with an account user name of...


...we will create a special URI of...


When you log in to your webmail using any of the above methods, you will be automatically redirected to the correct physical server hosting your account. As your account can dynamically move between physical servers at any time, you should never rely on a bookmark of the final destination to regularly access your webmail. Only the above URI formats should be used to access your webmail.

Your Email Password

The safe storage of your email password is entirely your responsibility.

GCom Internet never records or stores end-user passwords. All logins on our network are handled by *nix hash challenges where the original password value is never required to be known at our end.

If you lose or forget your email password, you can perform an email password reset via your cPanel.

To Log in to Webmail

  1. Browse to your webmail web address.
  2. Enter your full email account address.
  3. Enter your email account password.
  4. Click on the "Log in" button.