Frequently Asked Questions

Managing MultiPHP Versions

GCom Internet makes available to hosting clients all production versions of PHP which have not yet reached end-of-life.

Via the MultiPHP manager of their cPanel, clients can freely change between available versions of PHP at any time for any of their hosted domains.

To Manage MultiPHP Versions

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Find and click on the "MultiPHP Manager" icon.
  3. Locate the list of hosted domains.
  4. Tick the checkbox of any domains requiring a PHP version change.
  5. Select the desired version from the "PHP Version" dropdown list.
  6. Click on the "Apply" button.


GCom Internet runs a high performance PHP-FPM handler incorporating a bytecode caching engine for PHP processing. This configuration was designed to allow websites to handle extremely strenuous loads in a shared hosting environment. With this configuration in place, the option of "inherit" for the PHP version is not applicable. Trying to apply "inherit" against a PHP-FPM serviced domain will be refused and simply result in a warning message.

PHP Version Incompatibilities

Before changing the PHP version for any domain, please take time to ensure your code is fully compatible with the version you intend to select. The following articles should be referred to for assistance...

PHP Version 5.6
PHP Version 7.0
PHP Version 7.1
PHP Version 7.2
PHP Version 7.3
PHP Version 7.4
PHP Version 8.0
PHP Version 8.1
PHP Version 8.2
PHP Version 8.3