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Services Access

After a client has performed a redelegation to point their hosted domain to the GCom Internet DNS servers, access to services within our network will normally be achieved with addressing relative to the hosted domain. We refer to this as the normal access method.

However, prior to performing a redelegation to point a hosted domain to our DNS servers, access to services within our network will need to be performed with addressing fully independent of the hosted domain name. We refer to this as the pre-delegation access method.

To provide clients with a pre-delegation method of accessing their services, we create a specially crafted subdomain on our own domain. This subdomain is constructed in part from the client's account user name. As an example, for a client with an account user name of...


...we will create a special subdomain of...

The subdomain will appear in the client's cPanel as a standard alias domain. All accounts are provided with one extra alias domain above their plan quota to allow for the special alias. This special alias should not be deleted, modified or used for any general purposes such as creating email accounts or redirections.

The following table provides a quick reference of normal and pre-delegation access addresses for common services within the GCom Internet network.

Service Normal Access Pre-Delegation Access
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(limited to cPanel login)
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